TooLittleTime Free E-Mail Directory

Hotmail or Hotmail - Largest and most widely used. You can login directly from the TooLittleTime start Page.

Excite Mail or Excite Mail - (Commonly misspelled as Exite Email) Personalize your internet experience. Sign in to access to all of Excite's products and services.

AaahMail - Offering addresses with 5 MB storage.

AAemail - Offering you yourname@aaemail, features include spell checker, 7mb storage up to 6mb per email and more.

Adcentives - Offering addresses.

Aggies Mail - For all Aggies & future Aggies. Powered by outblaze. Includes a strong anti-spam policy

Alienmail - Free web-based email for all lifeforms. Meet other believers.

AlloyMail - Free web-based email service, powered by - The search engine AltaVista and iName team up to bring you a free email account. Web based and forwarding. Offers, or

Amuro - Offer Namie Amuro ( fan email.

Ancestry - You can correspond with family members, e-mail others about genealogy, or e-mail friends. However you use your account, you can check your mail or send a message at any time.

Angelfire - Free web based email. Gives 4 Mb storage. Handy access if you have web space here. Offers a special reply when on holiday.

Anjungcafe - A free web based e-mail. It sounds like an asian nation. - Over 6000 domains to choose from. It has many unique features including letting you have up to 20 addresses all operating from the same in-box. - Free and easy.

AntiOnline's - From the AntiOnline network.

ApexMail - Available in both English and Francis. - - Offering addresses.

BellSouth Web Mail - Offering addresses, no information given about the maximium mail box size.

Bigfoot - Free email account provided by a well-known online yellow pages. - - 3 MB storage

Bluemail -, Based in Thailand -, allows pop access

Boeingmail - Offering with 10MB storage.

BoldPlanet - Email for people with attitude. All other email is ordinary. - Offering with 4MB of storage and support for attachments up to 2MB.

Boshing - Offering accounts, uses the big mail box service.

Boy Band Club - Offering accounts, no size limitations given. - Free email from - Offering accounts, using big mailbox.

Business Week - Offering accounts, no mail box size given.

The Butch-Femme Network - Provides e-mail with the domain name "" to those interested.

Care-Mail - Web based email and email greeting cards. 10% of profits goes to charity.

Channel 24 - Powered by gohip

Classified Today - 5mb storage, attachments up to 1MB and can receive E-mails up to 2MB in size - A free email service which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. - - Offers free web based email using IMP, POP or IMAP.

Daily Web Planner

Dark Horse Comics Free Webmail - Over a dozen domains, 3MB of storage, POP and IMAP account access, and information about Star Wars, Buffy, Manga, and other great Dark Horse Comics E-mailed to your Inbox.


Dce Email

Deseret Mail - Free email.

Difumail - Free web mail.

DigaNet - Free Web-Based and POP3 e-mail service.

Digi Mail

Discovery Channel - It will email updates about the discovery channel to your inbox. - email

Doghouse Mail - Address Book, Attachments, Vacation Reply, Signature, Address Blocking, Check POP Mail.

Doityourself Mail

Doramail - For Doraemon Fans

Dralands E-Mail - Official web page of Dralands character with free email services.

Ecocity - Offering accounts. - Graphical interface and fully configurable. 4 megabytes storage.

Ed-Mail - Offering accounts with a 4MB limit.

Educast Mail - Offering accounts, no specifics given.

E-mail City - As well as offering its own address it also has links to a few other e-mail services.

eMail Stuff - Offering accounts. - Combines with a online diary and bookmark manager - Offers the cool address Run by Snap

EmailFever - Free secure and private web based email service email for you and your family.

Email@Hollywood - Powered by Offers email - Provides free, private, spam-free, and globally accessible mail. - Combines with other free services

Esoftc Mail - E-Mail accounts, and other promotional support try us it is all free.

Essential Mail - Free themed email addresses.

eStore Mail - This is where you can set your E-mail free. Here you get a E-mail box with a unique Internet address.

Etoast - Free email, anytime anywhere.

EudoraMail - Free webmail by the makers of the popular email program.

Every Mail - This multilingual web-based email system allows you to compose and receive email in 34 languages; registration is required, but is free.

Excite Mail - Personalize your internet experience. Sign in to access to all of Excite's products and services.

888 Mail - Free email accounts e-mail addresses and website space, web-based with classifieds. From anywhere in the world.

Yellow - Multiple domains e.g., and

Family Tree Mail - Free, personalized email service. Conduct research correspondence or send family email newsletters using an email address like - Offering accounts.

FancyThat - is a free web based email client. Also has premium services like voicemail and fax direct to your inbox, POP3 access, email by phone. - 5 mb storage, Folder management, address book, vacation autoresponders, vacation autoresponder, Pop account access facility

Fayazhsn's Place - Offering accounts.

Fetchmail - The Fetchmail system is also available for license and rebranding by third parties. Rich interface

First - Free email address with your first name as the domain name, such as or Pick from over 500 free names.

FIS Mail - FIS Mail provides free web-based email. What's more is you get 6MB of webspace. For students in Pakistan.

FlairMail - over 700 domains to choose from

Flash Mail - Offering addresses. - Offering accounts.

Four20Mail - Offering accounts, uses the big mail box service.

Free E-Mail Life Time - Free E-Mail From Experts Business Systems - Egypt

Free Friendly Email - Free POP3, web based email and free forwarding. Over 50 domains to choose from.

Free Web Mail.Com - Offers free web based e-mail with up to date high tech features and chat.

FreeBox - Addressbook, multiple languages, and intigrated with a free homepage,

FreeFinders - Free web-based email account. No software to download.

Free-Mail.CC - Available in several languages. - Freeservers provides 20 MB of free web space and unlimited free e-mail addresses.

Freethinker Mail - Let your email address tell people you're a freethinker.

Freeze Mail - Free email account @ .

Friendly E-Mail - School, military, and office-type domain names to choose from. Friendly email for life.

Friends Home - 6 megabytes of storage. Email for friends.

Fun Effects - Get a free email account right away. Loads of storage space and many more features. Sign-up takes minutes. - Free webmail allowing members to reflect their personality or interests in their email address. Sample addresses include; and

http://www.HURTSCOTT.COM - From, features include mail filtering and spam protection

1stClass Mail - This is where you can set your E-mail free. Here you get a E-mail box with a unique Internet address.

GamblersMail - Offering accounts, using the big mail box service.

Game Mail - The online free email service which offers game fans a free email account. Brought to you by GamesClassified.

Gettos mail - Fast, secure, reliable mail service on the net brought to you by gettos.

The Globe - Offers free email, web pages, chat and other services to members. Free to join - unmatched variety of services. - Free email accounts and free 20 Mb web site, guestbook, and message boards.

GoHip! Mail - Your One Stop Access for E-mail, Anytime, Anywhere!

Goochiemu - Offering accounts. Mail - Get your free webbased email. - Offering accounts.

GryphCom Mail - Private and secure free e-mail complete with a new personal email address. Use your new address for personal or business email while on the road, on the job, or on vacation.

Handy Mail - Offering dozens of addresses to choose from.

Happyonline - Offering accounts.

HD Host - Web based email, free.

Health Interactive - Free Web-Based email. - Features anti-spam support , multiple signature support , 5mb of space.

Hello Geneva - Offering accounts, using the big mail box service.

HEY Email - Offering accounts with a 10MB mailbox size limit. - Free email with spam protection.

Hikyaku - Web based E-mailer able to display and type Japanese characters on no-Japanese computers. Useful for Japanese- speaking people who wish to keep a contact with their home base by E-mails outside of Japan.

Hindu Home -, 6MB storage

HipHopMail - dedicated to the digitally connected Hip Hop culture

HistoricCity E-Mail - Free web-based e-mail allows collection of other POP3 mail and notification of new mail. Spam filters included. Format is

Home Net Mail - POP mail access, multiple emails forwarding capability.

HomeFreeWeb - Free e-mail. - 6mb Storage and Spam protection

Hong Kong Gazette -; available with multi-lingual interfaces in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai. - Free web based email account Permanent, globally accessible, private, spam-free and with 6mb space. E-mail - 6MB of free, web-based e-mail for geeks. Features include address book, signature files, external pop access, SPAM filtering, HTML formatting. - Free web based email from your Linux host.

HyperEmail - Offering accounts.

Hyper-Mail - From free web based email. It's private and secure. - Offering accounts, using big mail box. - Free web based email -

ImagineMail - Free email accounts.

iName - Free, access using browser. Very efficient and flexible service. The web based email service of choice. - Offering accounts

In-Box Email - Includes the abliity to pick up Pop3 and IMAI accounts.

Infoapex - Free web based spam free email.

Internav - Each account can hold 6 mega-bytes of email and comes with an address book, signature file, and external POP mail checker. You can customize outgoing messages with HTML, special fonts, colors, and backgrounds. - Free email @ 6 MB storage, sig files, and address books.

Iotala mail - Get free web based e-mail from imotala, through - Free email with the domain - Web-based email service with a female perspective.

Jabble - Free email and games.

Jahoopa Free Email - All the standard features, plus address book, obscenity filter.

JBBW - Free E-mail from JBBW.

JCarranza Mail - Fast, free, lifetime email accounts. Loads fast because of minimal graphics, and users get a free advice newsletter from the webmaster.

Jimmy's Mail - Email for anyone named Jimmy. - 5 megabyte email accounts - - and multi-community chat. - Offering accounts with a 5MB limit.

JoinMe Free E-Mail - Features include filtering, attachments, POP collection... - Free email available in English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and other languages. A site.

Juno - Used by over 5 million subscribers. Proprietary software required to use this email service. - JusticeMail free web-based email account. Offers

Kase132 - Free and permenant e-mail address that includes chat rooms for all users.

KavithaMail -, Registered Email feature which lets you know when someone reads your email

KaZaZZ - Offering accounts using the big mailbox service.

Kinki Kids - Offering accounts uses the big mail box service.

K2Mail - Offering accounts using the big mailbox service.

Koffee Mail - Free web mail for coffee lovers. Safe, secure, speedy and spam free. Provided by Koffee Korner, Planet Earth's most passionate coffee website.

Kooby Mail - Get free web based e-mail from -

Lame e-mail. - Are you lame? Then get your free lame e-mail address, "yourname" - is a free web based communication portal that offers email, chat, business cards, faxing in your native language. Languages currently supported are: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Gujarati.

LatinoLinkMail - Free email of interest to Latinos and Hispanics

Launch Pad Mail - Combines with other portal services

Law - Free email for lawyers and people interested in law. Some usernames are marked as premium - Free E-Mail. mail - For Leon Lai's fans, 5MB max. storage, 2MB per mail Email - ZZN email, for advertising and web banners.

Linux Free Mail - This website was built with you in mind, please enjoy our Linux powered free E-Mail server.

LocoSeek -

LookSmart - Free email from a web portal.

Love Email - Free web based email, dating services and chatroom.

Love Letter Online - Free email service,

Lovemail - Combines with other "romantic" services. Free web based email.

Mac-Email - Offering and accounts.

Madmail - Offering accounts.

Mail to Go - Offering accounts. - Free E-Mail from Infinite Technologies. - With online newsgroup access

MailBell - Offering accounts. - We offer fast, private, secure, free e-mail accessible from both the web and e-mail clients. - MailCHEK specializes in Custom Designed E-mail Templates for Brands, Companies, and Organizations. - Offering accounts with an 8MB size limit.

MailCity - A web-based email provider which is part of the Lycos Network. - With a memorable address

Mail.EntrepreneurMag.Com - @mail.EntrepreneurMag.Com. Powered by WhoWhere? - Offering accounts.

MailPuppy - Features 10MB of web-based storage, auto-reply, multiple signatures, multiple pop3 external mail collection, address books, time settings, filters, anti-spam measures. - Browser based mail with global access. - Free web-based email with over 1000 personalized domains to choose from including,,

Mail1st - external POP mail account support - Anti-virus scanning, vacation messages, forwarding, address book, popmail check, no storage limit & more. 50+ Domains to choose from (eg. mailtexas, mailiowa, maiiohio, etc.)

Maltese Mail - 5 mb space, easy addition of pop3 servers

Message To - Offering addresses with spam filters. - Sign up for a free email account today and you could have cash waiting for you tomorrow.

MiniMail - Free web based email service from PageOne powered by Fetchmail. Provides Email to Pager facilities in the UK. Offers unlimited mail filtering.

Molly Mail - In seven different languages. - - Free email on a site about moose.

Mozart - This site offers Mozart web based email, forum, chat and calendar services. -, Includes pop3 retrieval - An extensive amount of address offerings for all types of musical instrument fans.

Myanmar Music Online - - gives you a free e-mail for your car.

MyEmailAddress.Net - Includes a strong anti Spam policy

MyOwnEmail - Over 200 Personalised domains to choose from. Includes,,, Web based and forwarding. - Free email for a global community. Very easy to remember, register YourName@MyPersonalEmail

Name Planet - Free e-mail service that allows you to use your own name. The addresses are based on, i.e. - Free e-mail and web forwarding. You can register for or .net, .to, .as, .gs.'s Free Email - Features include an autoresponder, an html editor and spam filters. You can also read your POP3 email.

2ndmail - Allows the creation of subdomains with your e-mail address.

Net Citizen - Offering accounts using the big mailbox service.

Netscape Webmail - Lots of features including 5 Mb email storage and the easy inclusion of HTML tags.

Nikkmail - 10MB of storage, different interface, "nikk the dog" theme - 5 MB of E-Mail Space, Color Sort your email, Block unwanted email , Built in HTML editor for your mail and Auto-Responders

No Walking - Offering accounts using the big mail box service. - Offering accounts, no information given.

1 Free Email - Free web based email. Spam and virus protection.

OmniGlobe - Free POP, SMTP, web based email. Use your favorite software to send and receive email or do it via the web. - Combines with free voicemail

Onemarq.Com - Combines with their portal service

OperaMail - POP3/SMTP access available. Most beautiful interface of all of the free emails, you feel like you are using your normal desktop email. Access the Opera newsgroups.

Outgun - Color coded mail, filter your incoming mail with colors to help identify important messages, 10 Megabytes of available disk space, messageboard and chat. - Free web based email that looks like Microsoft Outlook, includes Calendar, Address Book, 10MB and Domain hosting available.

Paramount Investigations - Free e-mail from web site.

Parkmail - Fast, easy-to-use web-based email. Site membership required. - Offering accounts, limited information given. - A program that allows messages to be sent to anyone in India.

Play Palace - Offering accounts, using the big mailbox service.

The Poetry Place -

PopMail - Offering accounts. No Size limit information posted. - Unique - NO ADS at the bottom of your emails! Also featuring attachment support, filtering, an address book, spell checking, and much more. However like Hotmail it only offers 2 Mb email storage.

The Postmaster - Offering accounts, limited information given. - Offering accounts with 2.5MB of storage.

Pridemail - Free gay/lesbian email services - Get a free web based e-mail account whenever you get around to it.

ProntoMail - Flagship email service of CommTouch, an email syndicate. CommTouch also underlies Nandomail, LookSmart, DiscoveryMail, and others. - Offering accounts.

Quicklymail - Free email service.

Quilters Boutique - Free email.

Raging Bull - Free email with address book and filters.

Ranju's - Anti spam policy, Vacation reply, web based access

Real Radio Mail - Free email powered by POPmail. - Free email service targeted to "the political class."

Recycler -

Rediff Mail - Web-based email offered by a massive India-related English-language site. Also offers free webspace. Powered by CommTouch.

Redmail - Free e-mail in English, Japanese and other eastern languages.

Regards.Net - Features include 5 MB storage, email organizer, address book, autoresponder, POP account access facility.

RemarQ - Free email service powered by iName

R-K - Offering accounts.

RLSC Network Email - Free and permanent E Mail on the web.

ROTFL - Free email service and free 2MB homepage

Sacbee Mail - Free email powered by CommTouch.

SaintMail - Free web-based and POP email accounts for Christians. Note that the web-based interface currently does not handle HTML email. - Free email and other services for registered medical practitioners;

Search Tycoon - You can have a free email address brought to you by search tycoon. - Free Email web-based or pop3, you choose. Tell 3 friends to get the free email. - Combines with other services such as a free personal calendar, chat rooms, and discussion boards.

Sheeckportal - Offering accounts.

ShoutMail - Offers one the option of reading their email by dialing a tollfree number in the USA. The call is free if you live in the US

Skunkbox - Offering accounts with a 5MB limit.

Soccer America - Free Email Page - Choose from either '' or ''.

Sofomail - Offering accounts. - offers free web based email. Get Its fast,free, easy, private, secure, and fun.

SpanCity - Offering accounts.

Splat - Offering accounts.

Sportsline Email - and over a dozen other sport-related domains Free email powered by iName

Stalag13 - .Free email for Hogan's Heroes fans, powered by GhostMail.

Stork Site - Free email from the parenting folk... - Free we based email, check multiple pop3 accounts at once, autorespond, email filters, organizers, & address books. A generaous 5mb at your disposal.

Stranica - Offering accounts.

Student Center Free Email - Free email service aimed at students; powered by OnMedia - Free email service powered by WhoWhere? - Free electronic mail with an edge. Submail runs on Linux systems, and is coded entirely in C and moving towards an open-source development model.

SupDors - Offering accounts.

SurfersHangout - Offering accounts. - Free web based e-mail account. Featuring filtering, reminders, address book, spell check, POP3 options and more.

Switchboard - Offering mail, professional, business, places and personality glamour email accounts to choose from. -

3D Network - Free e mail - 3D Graphics and design. 3D Internet project, news updated daily, free auction and classifieds, Msg. board and forums. Must be 13 or older. - Free web based email @ Simple, easy to use, and clutter free email. - Minna no Tabo Fans Free E-mail Account

Tek21 Mail

Telecelmail - Get a address.

ThirdAge Email - Free webmail, easy access from any web browser.

uBlaze - Offering a 100MB account using

Valise - available in English, French, German and Chinese; however, the user interface is a bit crowdy. - Free web based e-mail. Features e-cards, games, trivia and email.

VGFMail - Gaming domain's including,, @vgh.Net,, @3D,,, @World Of, @PS2K.Net,,, and

VinkMail - Integration with ICQ or another e-mail account is possible.

Visto Corporation - web-based suite of applications. Access your email, calendar, address book, bookmarks, and files.

WebInbox -

WebMail - WebMail is South Africa's first web-based e-mail provider. Supports attachments, address books, and works with any browser.

WebMail.Net.NZ - WebMail provides an online calendar as well as free e-mail.

Weed Mail - Free web mail

WhaleMail - Send and temporarily store large files.

Whipjangle -

Wicked Mail - Email for Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Fans. Tired of pastel colors and boring bland backgrounds in your Internet based email? Get a wild, wicked, and cool intarface here. - -

World Wide Mail - This multilingual e-mail service supports attachments, will retrieve e-mail from a POP account.

xglobe -

Xoom Mail - Free web-based email service. This service is provided by Xoom, free web space provider.

Yacht email - With POP3 Access, Email to Pager, Voicemail and Faxing to your email, plus option to listen to your email from any phone. - Offering email accounts from 38 different domain names.

Yahoo! Mail - Brought to you by the web portal company.

YouGotEmail - Features include filters.

Youpy - Comes with a e-mail address book and a memo function to remind you of important dates. Also includes anti Spam tools

ZDNet Mail - Provides you with a free e-mail account that you can access from any Internet connection. - Features include message filtering, reminders, address book, spell check, IMAP and POP3 checkers.