Web Tutor

The best and most friendly programs for learning the basics of html I have found is Web Tutor .

It takes you step by step through the basics of the html programming language including manipulating text, graphics, tables, colors, and forms. You'll be putting out web sites right and left.

HTML Library

For quick reference and answers to to all the new thinhs you want to add to you page, I recommend the HTML Library .

It does not teach you html, but does give you all the tags and rules to follow when writng html. It's useful to have on hand. If you download Web Tutor, then you don't need to download this. A recent version is included.

Edit Pad

There are many programs out there to help you make web pages in wysiwig(what you see is what you get) format. Try them. I did. Once you have been through the Web Tutor program, you will most likely find that Note Pad or Word Pad is less constricting. I suggest Edit Pad .

It has many options that make cutting and pasting from page to page an ease. The programmer only ask that you send a postcard to them.


If the server where you have your page allows ftp uploads, a good free program is WS FTP Light Edition .

This method of file management is much quicker than uploading one file at a time.


If you plan to put a lot of graphics on your page, IRFAN View allows you to quickly look through picture and multimedia files on your computer. It also will create thumbnails in a table with links to the larger images, do slideshows, and play most forms of video and sound files.

I highly recommend this program.

Anfy Java

If you would like to add some great java effects to your page with graphics and motion. I suggest Anfy Java .

This program has an easy to use interface. The only drawback is that for it to bee free, the graphic links to the creator's site when clicked. A small fee will allow you to change the this, but the choice is yours.

Applet FX

This is a nice free program for adding java graphics and sounds to your site. Applet FX has a wide variety of menu and banner type effects to spice up that boring page.

Just remember, these make a page dynamic, but also slow down the load time. Keep them small.


The above programs are updated from time to time. As I add to my page, I will try to keep updated versions on here. To check for newer versions or other software, check these two sites.

If you find a newer version, or have a program you find useful, please e-mail me and tell me about it at